Kayak Lessons



Join in the World’s fastest growing sport!

“I’m paddling but can’t keep up with the group.”

“My arm’s ache after paddling thirty minutes.”

“I am not sure I am paddling right.”

“I am not strong enough to keep up with my husband/boyfriend.”

“I receive directions and recommendations from friends but I am not sure I’m paddling correctly.”

“I’ve always wanted to kayak but don’t know where to begin and if I can do it.”


There are many reasons to sign up for a kayaking lesson.

Let us help relieve some of your concerns!


  • Learn how to hold your paddle correctly.
  • Learn how to make your paddling strokes efficient and effective making your kayak track straight.
  • Learn different paddling strokes and braces
  • Learn how to get in and out of your kayak safely

We offer two types of lesson’s 

$55.00 (per person) – 2-3 hours dedicated to learning how to get in out of your kayak, how to hold our paddle and basic paddling strokes.

$95.00 (per person) – 4 hours (broken down into two hour sessions per day/evening) dedicated to learning how to get in and out of your kayak, advanced paddling strokes and braces.


Your ability and skill to be on the water safely and enjoying yourself is important to us.

Lessons are scheduled during the week-end or in the evening Monday through Friday.

Please contact us for scheduling availability.  You can reach us at 716-213-0350 or contact me at christine@pathspeakspaddles.com

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$55.00 – kayak basic lesson, $95.00 – kayak advanced lesson