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The ICEBOX® is an affordable, lightweight, and packable tool for building a snow shelter in any snow conditions. An ICEBOX® igloo engineered for strength, stability, comfort, and ease of use is the added advantage you’ve been looking for. Much easier to build than quinzhees or snow caves. You already know the advantages of snow camping. No noise, no crowds, the awesome beauty and serenity of nature, the picturesque quality of the backcountry winter landscape. Now discover the new and affordable way to enhance the adventure. Whether you’re into snowshoeing, backcountry skiing, or winter camping, you’ll appreciate the ICEBOX® advantage. The ICEBOX®. Enhance the adventure.


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  1. Kyle Eckert

    Winter! Snow! Time to build igloo shelters! The ice box is a great tool for igloo building. It takes all the guess work out of maintaining the proper wall angles and circular walls. It is very light and easily attaches to just about any backpack out there. With the ice box you can build a perfect igloo out of just about any kind of snow. It is easy to use, and after a little bit of practice you will be building igloo shelters for winter camping in about 2 hrs of time. This is a quality product and will greatly enhance your enjoyment of winter camping. There is just something about using igloos rather than tents in the winter….

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