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Double Hook, 100 lb. cap.  BAC/PH-01
Storage Pulley Hoist – Double Hook 

Stores bicycles, canoes, deck furniture, ladders, kayaks and more.  Raises and lowers loads in seconds.  Extra storage in unused areas.  Easy one person operation.  Versatile to work on open rafters or finished ceiling.  Use it to get your ladder up and out of the way.  Great for off season storage.
Lifting capacity of  100 lbs. and safety release mechanism that keeps it from accidentally releasing.  Approximately 40′ of rope and will work on up to 9′ ceilings. Straps not included.
  • Safety Release Mechanism
  • Two Rope System to raise/lower loads
  • Single Person Operation
  • Includes Mounting Hardware
  • 100 lb. Weight Capacity


  • Extra Storage in Unused Areas
  • Quick Easy Access
  • Versatile to Work on All Ceilings
  • Off  Season Storage
  • Use to Store Bicycles, Canoe, Kayak & more

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