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Hallelujah, you finally get to go snowshoeing without a kicking, drooling load on your back. You are shopping for kids’ snowshoes and this is a glorious day. Not only does this mean the little rascal can walk on his own, but with these snowshoes your kids just may be able to keep up with you. Good thinking!
SnowPaws are shaped like a bear paw and leave tracks, a wonderfully fun “monster paw” print in the snow, also works well in sand or dirt. Lightweight so they’re easy for youngsters to trek along. They come complete with easy-on, easy-off bindings that fit a wide variety of footware up to kids size 1. SnowPaws are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with your kids – getting them out of the house and into the fresh winter air. Great tracks mean lots to do and games to play. 


DECKING: Bright decks: light blue with bright pink binding or dark blue with bright green bindings.


For kids ages 3 to 7

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