Prijon Neoprene Hatch Covers


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Select the needed bow and/or stern Neoprene Hatch Covers.

Bow Hatch Covers:

90002242: DayLiner Large; Grizzly; Kodiak; Marlin HTP; Motion; Seayak from 1997; Seayak 500 LV; 520 HV and SkegYak HTP; Touryak LV and Touryak 500.

90002244: DayLiner Small; DayLiner Duo; Enduro 380; Excursion EVO; Poseidon.

90002245: DayLiner “Light”; Laguna; Marlin PriLite and Laminate; Millenium EVO; Piave 2016 stern; Proteus; SkegYak PriLite, Senja, Aruna; T-470 and T-505; Yukon E; Yukon K 2 Sport.

90002247: Barracuda HTTP; Catalina; Enduro 450; Touryak.

90122: Excursion; Yukon-Expedition.

90156: Millenium

90110: Odyssee

Stern Hatch Covers

90002243: DayLiner Small; DayLiner Large; DayLiner Duo; Enduro 380; Enduro 450; Excursion EVO; Grizzly; Kodiak; Marlin HTP; Poseidon; Seayak from 1997; Seayak 500 LV, 520 HV and SkegYak HTP; Touryak LV and Touryak 500.

90002246: Alborea; Barracuda RS; DayLiner Light; Lagna; Marlin PriLite and Laminate; Millenium; Millenium Evo; Narva PriLite; Plave vor 2016; Proteus; SkegYak PriLite, Senja, Arlina; T-470 and T505; Yukon E; Yukon K 2 Relax; Yukon K 2 Sport.

90002248: CL430 Cruiser 430

90002249: Munga; Odyssee; Seayak until 1997 bow and stern.

90114: Calabria; Excursion; Yukon-Expedition.

90155: Barracuda HTTP; C359; Catalina; Motion; Touryak.


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