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Patterned so that a single bag fills the entire stern compartment of a kayak designed without a center pillar. Available in three sizes to fit everything from the smallest rodeo kayak to the largest recreational boat.

  • These Infinity series float bags use a 10-gauge Urethane material that won’t leak or delaminate!
  • Small Dimension inflated: 31″L x 10″D x 22″W, 3″W at tip
  • Medium Dimension inflated: 37″L x 11″D x 19″W, 3″W at tip
  • Large Dimension inflated: 47″L x 14″D x 24″W, 3″W at tip


  • There are many, many kayak models. You will need to measure the space in your kayak that you want to fill in order to determine which of our flotation bags will work for you. Choose bags that size or larger.
  • These float bags are sold individually.
  • Lifetime warranty.


Boat Type: Kayak
Material: 10-gauge urethane material
Dimensions Small: 31″ Length x 10″ Depth x 22″ Width x 3″ Width at end
Dimensions Medium: 37″ Length x 11″ Depth x 19″ Width x 3″ Width at end
Dimensions Large: 47″ Length x 14″ Depth x 24″ Width x 3″ Width at end
Inflation Tube Length: 38″
Features: Lifetime warranty


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