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Barrels provide a waterproof, crushproof, and critter proof (not, however, bear-proof REMEMBER: Your Car Is NOT Bear Proof Either) storage option for wilderness trips. They are rigid plastic barrels with watertight lids that secure with a metal band clamp. In addition to storage, they provide convenience around camp, serving as either table or stool as the situation dictates.

These have become more popular in the BWCA and Northern Canada in recent years. Vast areas of forest were blown down in powerful storms a few years back, and the result is that some areas lack trees big enough to hang food bags from. These hard-shell containers keep the varmints out. However, because they have projections on the outside (like the closure handle for the band clamp) they can’t be counted on to resist the efforts of a determined bear.

Because the barrels lock odors in, though, good camp hygiene should limit you to only invited guests. We have been using these exclusively for the past 25 years on all of our trips and have never lost a single mouthful of food.

The 30 Liter size is a great food pack for small groups out for 3-5 days. Each barrel has available for purchase, its own sized carrying harness for easy portaging. Shoulder straps, waist belt, and back panel are all padded, and a sternum strap helps stabilize the load. The harness does not interfere with the operation of the lid, so it can be left on if desired. A haul loop is included to help you fish them out of the water, or if you need to pull them up a really ugly portage.

The thirty liter model is almost nine full gallons of storage space. That also means that it will displace almost ninety pounds of water if lashed in properly. The sixty liter model is almost sixteen gallons and so would displace one hundred and sixty pounds of water if swamped. Of course they have to be lashed in tight if you are going to use them as extra flotation.

Size: Small

  • 30 Litre (8 US Gal)


  • Leaver-Lock Closure Lid
  • Two external side handles
  • Replacement Parts Available


  • Height/Length/Width
  • 52x31x31 cm
  • 20.5x12x12 inches
  • Max circumference 98cm/38.5 in
  • Weight 4.4 lbs (2.0kg)
  • Color:   Blue

    ALL of Our Barrels are NEW Virgin Barrels!!!                                Used canoe barrels Used barrels are available at a significant savings however it is buyer beware on these used barrels.  First of all not all retailers make it clear that the barrels are used and secondly they seldom know what the previous contents were.  These barrels are used in the shipping industry for many products from photo finishing chemicals to pharmaceuticals.  A used barrels MAY represent a significant health risk if the barrel is used for food.

    This is an oversized product and will incur more than then $8.00 shipping charges.  Please contact the dealer for the actual shipping charges of your product. 

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