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Backpacker Magazine’s Gear Guide named the Vaude Ice Peak 150 the "Best All-Around" summer sleeping bag for 2010. The Ice Peak 150 is a premium down-filled bag that’s incredibly light and compact. Rated for comfort at 44 degrees F, a lower limit of 35 degrees F and a 10 degree F extreme lower limit, the Ice Peak stows compactly with a minimum stuff size of only 5" x 11".

The Ice Peak 150 features a DWR coated shell that repels moisture, draft collar, pillow compartment inside the hood, a full-length zipper and a large inner mesh pocket. Incredibly light at only 1 lb., 2 oz., this bag weighs substantially less than a 1-liter bottle of water and is nearly as compact. It’s a great bag for late spring through early fall backpacking trips, especially for destinations where the weather can change swiftly.

The Vaude Ice Peak 150 includes a compression stuff sack and a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Comfort rating-
This temperature is the lowest limit of the comfort range, in which a sleeper in a relaxed position with the zipper closed maintains thermal balance and doesn’t get cold. Based on a 1.6 m standard woman with a weight of 60 kg.

Limit rating-
This is the lowest temperature in which a sleeper in a rolled-up position maintains thermal balance and doesn’t get cold. Based on a 1.73 m standard man with a weight of 70 kg.

Extreme rating-
At this temperature the sleeping bag offers protection from freezing, however there is a risk of hypothermia. It is assumed that a standard woman in a tightly rolled up position can withstand that level of cold for six hours.


1 lb. 2 oz.
Dark Red
5 oz.
PA 20D 380T
PES 20D 400T RS
78.7" Long
Limited Lifetime Warranty
1 lb. 2 oz.

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