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Fall asleep in a bed of feathers; modern, technical 3-season mummy sleeping bag for extreme activities such as high elevation tours and expeditions in very cold regions. Filled with premium 90/10 duck down. The Ice Peak 400 is lightweight, water repellent and consistently warm thanks to an H-chamber construction. The 3-dimensional extreme thermal collar ensures best comfort. The hood opening can be tightened down to the size of a small air hole. Head and foot sections are made from waterproof materials to protect the sleeping bag from wet tent walls; in addition, the foot box can be used as a practical packsack. A drawcord in the foot of the bag can be tightened to shorten the bag for smaller people or to create a dry, warm area for clothing and shoes.


90/10 European Grey Duck Down 650cuin – down is filled in Germany – lightweight fabrics with water repellent treatment – side zip reaches down 40 cm before foot end for enhanced insulation at the feet – double slide, dividable zip fastener for connecting – with large inner pocket made from soft mesh fabric – warmth collar – contoured hood – footbox – integrated foot section with drawcord, can be used as storage sack – length adjustable with drawcord, resulting "foot sack" can be used as a storage bag or   provide additional insulation at the feet – extremely durable compression sack included.
Color: dark red
  weight: 1000 g
  length: 220,00 cm
  Shoulder length: 80,00 cm
  Foot width: 55,00 cm
  pack size: 44×17 cm
  Extrem: -22  C
  Komfort: 1  C
  Limit: -4  C
  Füllgewicht: 400,00 g
  Gesamtgewicht: 1150,00 g

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