Take a Paddle Finger Lakes

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A Comprehensive Paddling Guide to Flat-Water Ponds, Lakes, Streams and Rivers in the Finger Lakes Region of New York


Slide the bow of your canoe or kayak across the shore of a grass-lined pond or the gravel shore of a stream. Dip your paddle into the cool, still water and glide downstream to enjoy the solitude and explore hidden pools and alcoves. Perhaps circumnavigate an island, see eagles flying above, voyage through an historic Erie Canal aqueduct, enjoy the splash of fish darting below your boat or spot a deer standing in the creek around the next bend. The discoveries are almost endless from water level.





Take a Paddle – Finger Lakes, New York Quiet Water for Canoes & Kayaks is a map-filled guide for beginning and intermediate paddlers. And for anyone who enjoys the pleasures of a flat-water paddle. It will lead you to 35 ponds and small lakes and over 370 miles of streams and rivers.

For Picking the Right Place

to Paddle in the Finger Lakes & Central Regions of New York State

You’re thinking of going paddling in the Finger Lakes Region, or maybe in part of Central New York , but you are clueless about where to go. That’s not unusual. There are so many options that picking the right place can be an overwhelming task. Let’s narrow it down. Below you’ll find suggestions on some of the best places to head if you are looking for:


Every single one of these options (and many more) are mapped and detailed in the guidebook "Take A Paddle – Finger Lakes New York Quiet Water for Canoes and Kayaks."



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