Stohlquist Add-a-Buoy Bladder

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The Add-A-Buoy buoyancy bladder is drsigned to fit in the front pocket of the Stohlquist PFD.  The bladder will increase the overall lift and face-up tendency of the vest which can be especially useful elbow when swimming big water rapids or stormy open waters.  Adds a maximum of 5 lbs of additional buoyance, close to a 30% increase. 
Instructions on packaging
1.  Insert buoyance bladder into front pocket, hose side forward
– Route hose and tgrough rubber fitting
– Pull hose through fitting until the rubber tabs contact and secure hose elbow
– Hose aims sideways to stow at bottom of top garage pocket
2.  Pivot hose end upward to mount to inflate, the re-stow
3.  Hose stows away in Descent garage pocket

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