Revivex Rubber Boot Saver


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Reach for Revivex Rubber Boot Treatment to keep rubber footwear looking nice and performing at its best. Sun damage, blooming and excessive drying can ruin rubber boots. Previously known as Rubber Boot Saver, this conditioner acts as a moisturizer to restore shine while providing protection from harmful UV rays and grime. So, don’t throw away those hardworking boots if they look a bit worn out. Keep it around a bit longer with Revivex Rubber Boot Treatment.

  • Protects – Save rubber boots from sun degradation and blooming; repels dirt and oils, too
  • Conditions – Moisturizer that instantly brings back shine to rubber/plastic muck boots
  • Powerful – Tough formula prevents all types of rubber gear from cracking and deterioration
  • Reduces Wear – Keeps boots looking good and extends its life for many more years
  • Multipurpose – Use on all rubber and plastic boots; safe to use on neoprene and vinyl


  • Size: 4 fl oz
  • Application: sponge-top
  • For Use On: rubber, latex, neoprene, plastic and vinyl
  • Air Dry: yes
  • Water Protection: yes
  • Stain/Oil Protection: yes
  • UV Protection: yes
  • Conditions: yes
  • Freeze-Thaw Stable: yes

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