Prijon T-505 Prilite

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The T 505 PriLite is a well equipped, fast kayak ready for open waters. Ample storage space with convenient deck hatches and a relaxing seating position are just a few of the ingredients essential for tours on rivers and lakes. Due to its light weight and easy handling in and out of the water the T 505 is ideal for short tours and after work paddling.

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1 review for Prijon T-505 Prilite

  1. Val Macer

    I LOVE my boat! I tried the other other Prijons, but this one felt perfect from the first paddle. It’s very fast and easy to paddle–I’ve had it on creeks, ponds, lakes and the Atlantic Ocean, and it handles 3′ waves with no problems. It’s also light, because it’s prilite, but it’s still plastic, not fiberglass, so it’s durable. I’ve been paddling this boat for two years now, and the only drawback I’ve found is getting it into the underbrush on Ellicott Creek to harvest invasive water lettuce…at 16 1/2 feet, it just doesn’t maneuver there! It’s done everything else I’ve wanted it to.

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