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This new version of Pacific Action’s sail features a larger high visibility window and a reduced price, making the Sail Rig both functional and a great value to boot. This is the Largest Sail we offer and comes in the High Vis version.
This is the High Visibility version of the popular Pacific Action Sailing Rig, now including outfitting for all kayak types. This is the medium size with a 1.5 square meter rig for a;; sit-in kayaks. Sit-on-top versions also available, as are more colored nylon sail versions. Pacific Action Sail Rigs have a twin mast system that adds sail power under widely varying wind and sea conditions. The Rigs Perform well across or down wind by adjusting the mast angles. The sail can be easily lowered if the wind conditions become unstable or for paddling. They are made from high quality synthetics and a clear panel fora see-through view. The rids mount to most kayaks. The 1.5 square meter sail works for larger single seat kayaks, mid sized double kayaks, more advanced sailors and lighter wind conditions. The sit-on-top outfitting which is included (as well as rigging for sit in boats) adds extra rigging to route control cords around open cockpits. 
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