MSR WindBurner Ceramic Skillet


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Pan-fry or sauté veggies, simmer sauces, and cook breakfast at camp like a pro with this 8” skillet designed for WindBurner Stove Systems. Featuring an enclosed, heat-capturing ring on the bottom and a nonstick ceramic surface, this hard-anodized aluminum skillet allows for versatile and more involved cooking, even in the middle of the wilderness. Compatible exclusively with WindBurner Stove Systems. Experience the WindBurner Stove System Collection

Versatile: Ceramic-coated nonstick skillet is great for simmering, sautéing and pan-frying cuisine.

Efficient: Features an enclosed, heat-capturing ring for cooking versatility.

Compact Nesting: Skillet nests outside WindBurner 4.5 L Stock Pot for packing efficiency.


  • 8-inch ceramic-coated aluminum nonstick skillet
  • Folding Talon handle

Width (Standard) 8.5 in Width (Metric) 21.5 cm
Weight (Standard) 8.5 oz Weight (Metric) 0.24 kg
Length (Standard) 8.5 in Length (Metric) 21.5 cm
Height (Standard) 2.75 in Height (Metric) 7.0 cm
Minimum Weight (Standard) 8.5 oz Minimum Weight (Metric) 0.24 kg
Packaged Weight (Standard) 8.5 oz Packaged Weight (Metric) 0.24 kg
Volume (Metric) 2.5 liters

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