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Benefits of the Hobie MirageDrive
The MirageDrive is simple and easy to use. Your feet rest naturally on the pedals and you pedal effortlessly similar to a bicycle. The larger muscles in our legs produce more powerful propulsion versus arms using a paddle. In addition, correct paddle usage requires training and practice. You also stay drier as pedaling eliminates drips that you get from using a paddle. The MirageDrive is quiet and creates no splash. The Hobie MirageDrive leaves your hands free for fishing, photography or holding a drink.

Let’s get technical…

The Hobie MirageDrive propels the boat easily and smoothly, and reaches hull speed with minimal effort. It also generates significant static thrust. In a “tug-of-war” between a single Hobie Mirage and a tandem paddled kayak, the Hobie Mirage won hands-down (pun intended).  

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