Gear Aid Zipper Repair Kit

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A zipper is the only thing between you and ten million mosquitoes.

Out in the field, there’s no time for a sassy zipper that unzips from behind. It leaves an opening—in tents, packs, and sleeping bags—where no opening should be. Get those busted zippers back on task. With Gear Aid, anyone can be a master of gear repair.

Ideal for: Individuals or groups. Comes with instructions and a gear repair manual.

Zippers are often the first thing to fail.

Smiles are hard to come by when your gear is wet or your equipment has broken. So when gear fails—and it does—you’d better be ready. Gear Aid products help you repair and revive outdoor gear and equipment, at home or in the field. We make more than 100 products so you can fix failures, repair accidents, and extend the life of the hard-working equipment you rely on.

Outdoor gear comes with lots of zippers. Unfortunately, zippers often die long before your gear wears out. The problem is usually the zipper slider, not the zipper teeth. With this Zipper Repair Kit you can keep them all functioning properly.

Zipper Repair Kit is part of a comprehensive line of Care and Repair products from Gear Aid. Protect, revive, fix and maintain all your essential gear, whether at home or in the field. Gear Aid performs so your equipment can live on.

Zipper Repair Kit Supplies:

    Zipper Repair
    2 Zipper Slider Coil Double #8
    1 Zipper Slider Coil Double #5
    1 #10 Coil Slider Single Tab
    1 Zipper Slider Single #5 Black

    Sewing Kit
    1 Bobbin #69 Olive Green
    1 Seam Ripper
    2 Sewing Needle #16, Yarn

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