Gear Aid Aquaseal Repair Kit with Patch


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Keep the water in the stream and out of your favorite waders, inflatable, or boots with the Aquaseal+FD™ Wader Repair Kit from Gear Aid®. Easy to throw in your backpack, fishing vest, or beach bag, this compact kit makes it easy to quickly repair cuts, rips, and holes to your waders, inflatables, boots, and more in the field. Designed to permanently bond nylon, vinyl, and rubber with a flexible and waterproof seal, this kit contains everything you need to permanently repair waterproof-breathable waders and much more. Contains 1/4 oz. tube of Aquaseal+FD repair adhesive/sealer, 2 Tenacious Tape™ patches, application brush, and Repair Guide.
Manufacturer model #: 10190.

  • Lightweight and compact repair kit for waders, boots, inflatables, and more
  • Permanent repairs to cuts, rips, and holes
  • Easy-to-use kit seals, repairs, and stops leaks fast
  • Works on nylon, vinyl, and rubber
  • Includes 1/4 oz. tube of Aquaseal+FD repair adhesive/sealer and 2 Tenacious Tape patches
  • Also comes with application brush and Repair Guide

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