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Specially engineered for players who love the Magnet but prefer a softer putter that grabs the chains. It’s more tacky than floppy, with good grip for consistent release every time. A superb short range driver and approach disc too.

All the success you’ve had with the Magnet putter with the added comfort of a soft and tacky surface. This disc is meant for chain slammin’! Whether you throw it from the tee as a driver, the fairway for an approach, or for the close range putt, you will agree the grippy Soft Pro-D plastic is very comfortable and easy to throw without being flimsy or floppy. It is GREAT for grabbing the chains and sticking putts. The stability is straight up 0.0; easy and predictable. A favorite among generations of disc golfers!!  Try it’s stiffer brother.

Disc: Soft Magnet
Line: ProD
Class: Putter
Stability: Rating 0.0
Weights: to 175 gm
Best For: All Conditions
Notable: A softer and grippier version of the best putter ever made

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